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Our Vision and Mission

“Improved Quality Of Life of Small and Medium Holder Farmers”


To Equitably Empower Small and Medium Holder Farmers for Food Security and Nutrition Security, Agricultural Trade and Organisational Development.

Equitable and sustainable access to wealth creation among farmers in Uganda.


The purpose of the program is to equitably and sustainably improve household well being of both female and male farmers.

Short and long term objectives;

VEDCO will pursue over the next ten years’ period the following objectives;

Short Term Objectives

  • To increase access to appropriate knowledge and technology relevant for sustainable food production, trade and utilization by female and male farmers at household level.
  • To increase access to local, national, regional and international markets for priority products for female and male farmers.
  • To increase female and male farmers involvement in influencing policy and practice on issues regarding agricultural production and marketing at all levels.
  • Increase equitable and sustainable access to household energy services for improved farmers livelihoods.
  • To strengthen farmer associations for improved livelihoods
  • To enhance VEDCO’s organisational capacity for effective realization of its mission and Vision.

Long Term Objectives

  • Support efforts of farming communities in Uganda and Africa region to actively participate and engage in profitable and sustainable agricultural ventures.
  • Support policy makers and other key stake holders in the country and in the region to enact and implement policies that promote agricultural development and production.
  • Build partnerships with government, industrial research institutions, academia and development partners that will strengthen VEDCO’s financial and technical resource for the benefit of agricultural development in Uganda and the region.
  • Contribute towards building of a strong farmers’ movement in Uganda and the region that is aware of their rights to and control of production resources and benefits.
  • Build strong partnerships that will strengthen VEDCO’s capacity to main stream cross cutting development issues of gender equity, HIV/AIDS and climate change in all aspects of VEDCO’s work.