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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Objective 6: Small/medium holder farmers and communities at large are better prepared for disasters and are able to effectively respond to and recover faster from all types of disasters and complex emergencies. VEDCO aims at responding in a timely manner to humanitarian emergencies to save lives and minimize humansuffering, support recovery and rehabilitation. In the

Policy Research and Advocacy

Objective 4: Farmers’ participation and engagement in policy processes that influence food and nutrition security and market competitiveness strengthened This objective seeks to continue developing the capacities of farmers to participate in policy advocacy and to engage duty bears on issues that affect them in production, access to food and its utilisation as well as

Institutional Development

Objective 5: VEDCO’s capacity to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable agricultural services is strengthened. This objective seeks to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and sustainable impact in delivery of VEDCO’s programs. To achieve this, the following strategies shall be adopted: Strategy 5.1:To develop and strengthen institutional policies and systems. This strategy focuses on the internal arrangements of

Climate Change and Natural Resource Management

Objective 3: Improved farmers’ adaptive capacity and resilience to the effects of climate change and the resultant shocks This objective seeks empower communities respond and cope with the realities of climate change and achieve resilient livelihoods. The following strategies shall be adopted: Strategy 3.1: Support reconstructon of agricultural related ecosystems. This strategy aims at rebuilding

Agricultural Trade Development

Objective 2: Farmer’s effectively participate in the local, national and regional market This objective seeks to achieve increased and competitive farmer participation in market for improved household incomes. This objective will mainly focus on addressing poverty among women and youth. The following strategies will be adopted: Stratgey 2.1: Build and Strengthen the performance of farmers’

Food and Nutrition

Thematic Area 1: Food and Nutrition Security . Objective 1: Increased access to appropriate knowledge and technology relevant for sustainable food production and equitable utilization especially for children and women. This objective will have a special focus on increasing household food security and the nutrition needs of children and women. The following strategies shall be