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Policy Research and Advocacy

Objective 4: Farmers’ participation and engagement in policy processes that influence food and nutrition security and market competitiveness strengthened

This objective seeks to continue developing the capacities of farmers to participate in policy advocacy and to engage duty bears on issues that affect them in production, access to food and its utilisation as well as marketing. The following stretegies shall be adopted:

Strategy 4.1 Support farmers access to information and knowledge on agricultural policy processes.

This strategy aims at equipping farmers with information and knowledge to enable them understand the prevailing policies and how the policies impact their livelihoods. The following interventions shall be implemented:

  • Produce policy instruments on farmers’ position on agricultural related issues (policy briefs, press release, news paper inserts, position papers)
  • Create awareness on relevant agricultural policies. (Conduct radio, TV talk shows, spot messages, press briefings and awareness campaigns, community sensitisation meetings)
  • Develop and maintain the VEDCO’s customised information dissemination mechanisms (website, newsletters, IEC material, reports and social media platforms)
  • Facilitate farmers’ participation in national level hearing sessions on key agricultural decisions

Strategy 4.2: Build vibrant farmer based structures to influence agriculture related policy processes and programmes


  • Train farmer groups in advocacy (budgeting and budget tracking, food rights, land rights and property rights)
    Establish and strengethen farmer based advocacy structures (community advocacy champions, scouts and monitoring groups) and conduct trainings in policy analysis and agriculture trade negotiations
  • Organize foras for farmers and decision makers to discuss issues affecting agriculture and livelihhoods.
    Facilitate farmers to participate in monitoring of government agricultural programmes at the district and national levels.Map out partners working on advocacy issues affecting agriculture and forge strategic engagements.
  • Organize synergy building meetings to develop an advocacy agenda on issues affecting agriculture.
    Subscribe to and participate in key strategic networks and alliances
  • Participate in formulation, analysis and review of agriculture related policies and agenda (CAADP,SCIENCE AGENDA, EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY,MDGs) at national, regional and global level
  • Facilitate farmers’ participation in key national, regional and international events (agricultural trade shows, international year of family farming, National Environment day).