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Institutional Development

Objective 5: VEDCO’s capacity to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable agricultural services is strengthened.

This objective seeks to achieve efficiency, effectiveness and sustainable impact in delivery of VEDCO’s programs. To achieve this, the following strategies shall be adopted:

Strategy 5.1:To develop and strengthen institutional policies and systems.

This strategy focuses on the internal arrangements of VEDCO as an organization which enhance the smooth running of the organization. The following interventions shall be implemented:

  • Benchmark, develop and review policies to ensure VEDCO’s competitiveness in the market.
  • Hold staff meetings to orient, disseminate policies at all levels of the institution.
  • Monitor adherence to policies and systems to ensure quality service delivery.
  • Develop and implement staff capacity building plan to enhance skills and competencies among staff.

Strategy 5.2: Strengthen the BOD on delivering its mandate

This strategy aims at ensuring that the BOD continues providing the over site and leadership role necessary for healthy functioning of the organization. The following interventions shall be implemented:

  • Organise regular BOD meetings in line with their mandate
  • Facilitate BOD technical support visits to VEDCO’s areas of operation
  • Enhance the capacity of the BOD on VEDCO’s mandate.
  • Organise regular BOD and staff reflections and learning sessions.

Strategy 5.3: Develop and operationalise VEDCO’S financial sustainability plan

This strategy aims at building a sustainable financial base for the organization. The following interventions shall be implemented:

  • Develop and implement VEDCO’s financial sustainability strategies.
  • Establish regional agricultural business development centres.
  • Train staff in fundraising and financial sustainability.

Strategy 5.5:To create and strengthen networks and partnerships

This strategy focus on VEDCO’s need to work with/through partnerships, in order to advance her agriculture development agenda. Under this strategy, the following interventions shall be implemented:

  • Develop guidelines that define VEDCO’s networking and partnership agenda.
  • Initiate and host strategic networks, platforms (Link agriculture to nutrition and Post MDGs discussions)
  • Establish and strengthen Public Private Partnerships that enhance VEDCO’s strategic interests.
  • Develop service learning partnerships with agricultural institutions (colleges, institutes and university)

Strategy 5.6:To strengthen VEDCO’s M&E system

This strategy aims at strengthening VEDCO’s M&E function necessary for efficient and effective program delivery. The following interventions shall be implemented.

  • Review and upgrade the existing M&E system
  • Develop and implement an M & E plan.
  • Train communities in participatory M&E. Esablish an M&E database
  • Develop consolidated project/program reports (monthly,quarterly,bi-annual and annual reports)
  • Document stories of change and case studies in all program/project areas.
  • Conduct periodic assessment (baseline, midterm and summative evaluations as well as reviews, learning and accountability meetings and models) Undertake program/project data collection
  • Conduct regular field monitoring visits.
  • Document VEDCO models/approaches/methodologies (guidelines