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Climate Change and Natural Resource Management

Objective 3: Improved farmers’ adaptive capacity and resilience to the effects of climate change and the resultant shocks

This objective seeks empower communities respond and cope with the realities of climate change and achieve resilient livelihoods. The following strategies shall be adopted:

Strategy 3.1: Support reconstructon of agricultural related ecosystems.

This strategy aims at rebuilding and sustaining eco systems that have over time been disrutped through farming activities. The following interventions shall be implemented:

  • Conduct practical trainings on soil and water conservation practices (mulching,composting,water harvesting, irrigation etc) to restore soil fertility and water retention.
  • Establish demonstration sites on conservation agriculture to promote adoption of recommended practices.
  • Establish and strengthen community environment structures for effective coordination of climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.
  • Train farmers in the Population, Health and Environment (PHE) principles for utilization of natural resources.

Strategy 3.2: Contribute to the reduction of effects of natural disasters on farming communties

This strategy aims at working with/through partnerships and networks to reduce effects of natural disasters on farming communities. The following interventions will be implemented:

  • Facilitate farmers participation in natural resource related campaigns
  • Create linkages with disaster management bodies to promote natural disaster risk strategies.
  • Subscribe and disseminate information on weather forecasts for proper farm planning.
  • Facilitate development of disaster management plans to enhance adequate response to natural disasters.
  • Link farmers to agricultural insurance service providers to safeguard their crop enterprises.
  • Participate in national and international level negotiations on carbon emission reduction.

Strategy 3.3: To promote climate change adaptation (CCA) technologies and practices

This strategy will focus supporting farmers to adapt to effects of climate change by promoting adaptation practices and technologies effectively deal with the realities of climate. The following interventions shall be implemented:

  1. Conduct sensitization programes on climate change adaptation (radio talk shows and public dialogues, drama and campaigns).
  2. Facilitate establishment of water harvesting technologies among farming communities (drill bore holes, ebidiba etc).
  3. Conduct practical training on production of energy saving stoves (fuel efficient stoves) and biomass charcoal briquettes.
  4. Promote adoption of drought and flood resistant crop varieties.
  5. Promote alternative environment friendly livelihood options (including apiary, woodlots craft making).
  6. Simplify, translate and disseminate literature on climate change
  7. Facilitate farmers to influence local leaders to address identified climate change issues.
  8. Create linkages with research institutions on issues of climate change approved technologies.