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Florence Story

Nabunya Florence is a resident of Kyampisi Sub County in Mukono District, Uganda. She has four children. To many in the area, she is commonly known as maama kipapaali, a Luganda name derived from lumonde owa kipapaali (Orange sweet potato). The residents gave her that name because she is a successful producer, promoter and consumer of the Orange Sweet potato.

Florence is a member and Vice Chairperson of Anoonya farmers group. In 2013, she and most of its members got training from Volunteer Efforts for Development Concerns (VEDCO) about the need to grow Vitamin A orange sweet potatoes and high iron beans. “I learnt that they are profitable and would improve vitamin A status of my children. After the trainings, I was given free vines to plant.” She says

First Harvest

The first season was a success. “I harvested the potatoes, sold them and got around 450,000 UGX. This gave me the energy to go on,” she says. She also got good returns as a result of planting high iron beans. “Can you imagine i planted only 1 Kg of beans and harvested 70 Kgs?” she says.

Good earnings

She earns around 3.5 Million after a harvest and sells her farm produce to people within her residential area and those from a far.”Marketing my produce is not a problem. In most cases, the potential buyers come looking for me even without me first calling them. Although my children help me out in the farm, i sometimes use hired labor which is quite expensive for me.” Florence says.

Florence managed to a construct three-bedroomed self contained house. She also pays school fees for her four children; two are in primary school, one in secondary and the eldest in University. “I am grateful to God and VEDCO for the support. I am now in a better financial position, “she adds.