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Developing And Delivering Bio fortified Crops In Uganda

VEDCO in partnership with Harvest Plus are implementing a 5 year project on Developing and Delivering Biofortified Crops in Uganda (DDBC) with the aim of reducing micronutrient malnutrition and improving dietary intakes of vitamin A and iron in Uganda. VEDCO is implementing the project in three districts of Mukono in central region and Kamuli and Buyende in Eastern region. The initial project target was 5000 direct households and 10,000 indirect households to be reached . The project operates in 6 sub counties of Nama, Kyampisi, Kasawo and Nabale in Mukono & Buyende and Bugaya in Buyende District and Namwendwa in Kamuli district.

The project complimented the government agriculture extension system through the use of 4 VEDCO Field Extension Workers and 20 Community Resource Person (CRPs- 10 Males and 10 Females) who are trained in agronomy and nutrition aspects.